Friday, June 1, 2007

Neighborhood Crime Watch

At my local big chain office supply store:
Store brand 20lb. 8.5x11 copy paper
- $3.69 per 500 sheet ream
Store brand recycled content 20lb. 8.5x11 copy paper
- $5.59 per 500 sheet ream

And recycled content here is not the more expensive 100% postconsumer recycled--this is standard 30%-35% postconsumer recycled!

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Layla said...

I was quite shocked to see a terrible difference in price at the local store here in Slovenia, Europe, too!!

'normal' notebooks were much cheaper than a 'chlorine-free' recycled one! (still not completely chlorine-free, I know! I still bought it, just to prove a point!)
The shopkeeper actually tried to convince me that chlorine-free notebooks - don't exist!!!
/She was told this by her supplier!!/

I tried to tell her they do, not sure if she'll find any suppliers though... hmm..??!!