Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Real Wastebasket Jumpshot

Countless times I have gotten together with paper industry people and usually when guys (mostly) are involved, the discussions quickly move to sports-jock talk. While I don’t have the clich├ęd golf clubs in my trunk, I can hold down my end of the conversation if it involves major league baseball. However, more often than not, it devolves into a discussion of collegiate football or basketball…to me it's like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher.

So anyway, some month’s back, Sports Illustrated contacted me about the piles of mail (p-a-p-e-r) that NCAA teams send to potential recruits who are still in high school. The resulting article was in the August 3rd issue. Most of the article centers on a top high school player from Santa Barbara, California. Keep an eye out for Roberto Nelson at Oregon State over the next few years.

So yours truly got to be in Sports Jock Heaven…Sports Illustrated. Here’s the article and it does involve paper!